Drive traffic, generate leads and increase brand awareness.

Whether you want to grow your social audience, increase brand awareness or start generating leads and customers through social media, we've got a solution to help. 



£ 500

Your hands-free social media package. 

Core package price is per month and all prices are exclusive of VAT.


£ 60

Want more content? Simply add an extra blog post to our core package



Get thought leadership and subject matter expert content


£ 750

Boost your lead generation with a lead magnet 

Frequently Asked Questions

As a small businesses will I benefit from social media?

The simple answer is yes - increased brand awareness, stronger brand presence, increased sales, better customer service, stronger communication and relationship building, increased customer satisfaction and low cost lead generation are just some of the benefits that a strong social media presence can bring to your business, no matter how big or small.

I only have a small budget. Is there any point in doing it?

Definitely - you can enjoy all the benefits that a strong social media presence brings, from as little as £500 per month with our Curator plan. Our team will post relevant, engaging and informative content that will really drive up your follower engagement.

Will you take care of everything for me?

We certainly will! - with our unique service, you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional social media campaign without the worry of how to resource it, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

Are Blogs important?

Without doubt - blogs are great for driving traffic to your website, converting traffic in to leads and establishes you as an authority. Our Creative module really focuses on blogging to support all of these benefits.

Will you create content specific to my business?

Yes - we will create engaging, informative and relevant content that is focused on your business, industry or brand. Our bespoke creative content will help to increase your follower engagement and brand awareness by producing personalised blog posts, tweets and creative posts for all of your social media platforms.

I do not have any social media accounts. Will you set them up for me?

Absolutely - as part of our setup and optimisation process we will review and optimise not just your existing social media platforms, we will also create the platforms that are missing to ensure that your social media is 100% optimised.